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Delightful small con

Went up to Philly for the previous weekend. Confluence is a small con with a strong filk and writer's


I was delighted to see that the filk performance room is right up at the front, where you get

pulled in by the fun easily.

Since I've been mostly attending Georgia events, I've been seeing many of the same faces over and

again. Instead I enjoyed a mix of familiar faces from WorldCon's past, and new talents. I heard escape key for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed their music.


and then there was the play...

Instead of a masquerade, Confluence put on: Dune, the soft rock musical. They lovingly hit all the high points of the classic (the floating fat man was a floating balloon). The fremen were flower children. In a Pratchetesque fashion, all the rules of sci fi were followed.

Kenny, the red shirted Atriedes soldier reported the invasion, and died. Kenny, the red shirted Harkonnen private reported the fremen uprising, and was shot by the Beast Raban. The Emperor's own sardukar Kenny invaded the palace, and was shot. Finally the backstage crew just started tossing Kenny up, letting her get shot, and as she fell back offstage, changing her hat, and lifting her back onstage. The audience was roaring, torn between falling off our chairs laughing, and sitting on the edge of them trying to see which hat she'd have on the next appearance.

The songs were as sappy as advertised, but everyone sang surprisingly well, and knew their lines. And everyone was having great fun. Hopefully we'll see the idea played out again, though all the other cons will have to work to match this one.